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"If you came here to see spandex, eye make-up, and the words 'ooh baby' in every fuckin' song, this ain't the fuckin' band. we came to bang some fuckin' heads" - James Hetfield, live at Donington, UK, 1985

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I call that album “the complaining album”. The production itself was the only thing that really bothered me. The songs were great; the lyrics were great…the production was not so great. The songs were a bit long and drawn out, but that’s basically what we were into. It got a little too progressive, I think. Lyrically, we were really into social things, watching CNN and the news all the time, and realizing that other people really do kinda control your life. The movie “…And Justice For All” turned our heads for a bit. We discovered how much money influences certain things, and discovered how things work in the United States. How things might seem okay on the outside, but internally, they’re corrupt.
James Hetfield speaking about the ...And Justice For All album (via metallicadaily)

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yesterday 28 years ago a legend of a Bassist Cliff Burton died R.I.P. Who is well known for a thrash metal band which is one of the greatest metal bands of all time Metallica.

he was an amazing writer and full of many wacky bass solos and its sad that he couldnt of been with Metallica  forever.

R.I.P. Cliff Burton.

CLIFF EM ALLLLLLLL \m/\m/  Iml lml

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